Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photos of Brad Cunningham

Here is a recent photo of brad cunningham and an old one he cut out for his internet ad for a pen pal. The woman was supposed to be cut out of the picture.


  1. I bought this bk from the Columbus Ohio public library and have been reading it on and off all summer. I JUST finished reading it and I must say as an avid book reader that this is the best book I have ever read. I am only 22 but this bk has impacted my life. I learned so many lessons from the wicked example of Brad Cunningham and to believe it all is true broke my heart. Cheryls memory will and should forever live on and I will share this bk w/ all my my friends and encourage all women to remember to speak up when they are abused. Thank you so much for this loving memoir!!

  2. This is pretty amazing. When "Dead by Sunset" aired on ABC as a mini series, my sister taped it for me. I had just picked it out of my library to watch tonight. Although I have watched it before and have read Ann Rule's book, I am always so moved by Cheryl Keeton. I also think how amazing it is that in spite of every horrible thing those boys were subjected to by their father that they ended up with another wonderful mother who loves them. I wonder how they are doing.