Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crime Scene Photos Cheryl Keeton, the van, the man who found Cheryl


  1. Bradly Morris Cunningham is a manipulative, spiteful narcissistic bastard. He brutally smashed in Cheryl Keeton's face and skull. AND got AWAY with it for almost 8 years! How dare he abuse his wives and shunt aside his daughters. How evil of a person to hate even his own mother? God have mercy on his soul

    1. Please don't ask God to have mercy on his soul - this psycho deserves to burn in hell for eternity. And he will, you better believe it.

  2. To Cheryl's family, sons and friends; my heart truly goes out to you. What a tremendous loss of a seemingly lovely woman and attorney. God must have needed her. I hope the the years dull your pain. God bless.

  3. Just finished Dead by Sunset. I had to skip some pages. There is only so much evil one can read about about. What living hell everyone around him had, coupled with the fear. How just one man can affect so many, and with such results. They walk among us....beware the Bradley Cunningham's in this world