Monday, November 21, 2011

Other Murder Made to Look Like An Accident Cases

 Here are a few more cases that are similar to the story above. The cases below are not based on the movie.

Stephen Beckham Victoria Beckham Murder June 1994 Newberry, South Carolina

At around 10 pm the police were called to the scene of what appeared to be an accident. The car looked like it had run off the side of the road. When the cops examined the car, they find drops of blood on the seats. It was obvious that there was a struggle in the car. There were also injuries to the woman's body. It was so obvious to detectives that something else had happened, and that the scene was made to look like an accident. The police were able to find the driver's license of the woman in the car. She was identified as Victoria Lander Beckham aka Vicki Beckham. Her family was told of her death. Her ex husband was also questioned since it was the last place that she had visited. The police learned that she was in a custody battle with her ex husband . Autopsy report indicated that she had a crushed windpipe and that she had been beaten. The  time of death was at 6:30 pm.

Witnesses remembered seeing a gold car in the area at the time of the accident. One witness was able to confirm for sure that it was a gold Pontiac, and that he was sure because it was similar to a car that he had before. Motor vehicles checked records to see if they could find the car, but they were unable to find anything. After one year, there was still no suspect in the case so the news covered the case again. Police then received a tip from a man who came forward to state that he used to see a gold colored car outside a club, and that it belonged to the owner of  the club. The owner was contacted, at which time he stated that he loaned the car to one of his bouncers at one time. Forensic detectives examined the car and retrieved fingerprints. The bouncer, Anderson, was contacted but denied any involvement in the crime. Richard Anderson later confessed that he was hired to kill Vickie Beckham by Stephen Beckham . They planned the murder over the phone . According to Anderson, Vicki went to Stephens to drop off the kids. Stephen somehow convinced her to leave with him. He then stopped off on the side of the road, he got out of the car, and he proceeded to beat her. When Anderson came to discard the body, he found that Vicki was still live, so he hit her over the head with a large tool. Then he staged the seen to look like an accident. Phone records were able to link the two to the crime. The two men were both convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Vicki Beckham was the daughter of State Senator James Lander
Stephen Beckham was the son of a retired Episcopal bishop

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